Why People Attend College Research Paper

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Attending college is necessary in our community, people attend college for different reasons: for career preparation so they could get career easier, for increase their knowledge
, the knowledge from the school is not enough, to have new experience, people opinions differe about the reason that students attend college, In my view I think that most of people attend college because of career preparation, I support this point by differet reasons.
First, they have to get money in future, without proper amount of money no body could live in the way that he want to, and the best method to get money is to have career and to have good career mostly you have to attend college, Money is so important: for example, when I decide to marry the girl I love,
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In our society, most of people respect careers that are a result of college education, or you get it because of studying in university, for example: My father is a doctor, and I enter medical school so I could be a doctor like him , to have a respectful career, prestigious one , I studied hard to get that. My brother love computer and he was so good in computer programing since middle school, but because he want a job in one of the most gigantic companies in our country, he studied computer engineering in college despite his knowledge didn`t increase that much, so you have to attend college for the certificate that you couldn`t get without studying in university
Finally, having Job after attending college got you the feelig of independency, there are many jobs could be achieved by experience alone but when you get the necessary knowledge with it, you feels strong, you could reduce the time needed to get the Job , whatever the struggles you faced, you could deal with it, you could be unique and endowed in your career, the addition of scientific value to your career, so you could be stronger and resistance to changes over time.
In conclusion, the most important reason that students attend college is for career
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