Why People Believe Weird Things By Michael Shermer: Textual Analysis

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This lecture we read about fallacies, although there are far more than what were listed. The ones on the lecture seem to be more about critical thinking and fallacies. We have all read and studied them for another class. I know I did for English 1A. It didn’t separate them as this lecture did. Of course, there were examples, but not much else was said. We seemed to move along at a fast pace, that would probably be a reason why, it wasn’t too in-depth. The explanation of subjectivism was excellent. I assume most of us confuse opinion with facts. Which I have experienced. It is so maddening to see that someone does not realize what they are doing. It was important for me to read the basic critical thinking skills. I am sure at one point or another; we have been practicing these skills without knowing it. I had never heard of “suspend judgement.” Nevertheless, I have always practiced what the definitions say. “Acknowledge when we do not know…show more content…
The video titled Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer, was interesting to see. I recognize that antenna that he said was used to search for marijuana in schools. I remember seeing it on a show on television. They were in an abandoned house and calling spirits, if the antenna moved, they were getting closer. It seems that we believe in supernatural ideas since that is what we as humans are doing, we are seekers. Moreover, some of us realize that it is kooky or not true accordingly we move on, but others do not. One quote by Shermer, caught my attention, “You can say a miracle occurs, but it doesn’t explain anything or offer anything.” I believe it was last week when the Pope canonized Mother Teresa; she was made a saint. One step is a miracle or healing. I believe two different people/families stated they had prayed to her consequently their family member was cured. I always wondered how does anyone know that praying did indeed heal. No doubt, you ought to be a devout
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