Why People Choose A Specific Profession

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"Why Social Work" There are many reasons why people choose a specific profession. One possibility in choosing a particular career based on a personal experience, personal values, or important relationships with people. These factors help guide one to decide what profession will best fit him or her. For instance, one who has dealt with a rare disorder such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare condition that weakens the and affects the nervous system, may want to be a doctor or a physical therapist and provide assistance for those with rare disorders. Regarding social work, there have been factors which guided me into choosing this field as my future profession. I am an African-American woman who was raised in a Christian household. Growing up, I lived with both of my parents and my two sisters. We are a close-knit family. My parents made it their primary goal to instill in us religious beliefs by having us attend church as well as bible studies each week. Furthermore, having educational goals was of importance so that we can better ourselves and have a better life than they did. My dad was the only one to attend college. Out of my siblings, I am the only one attending college. As a child, there was a period of time where our household was filled with both anger issues and alcoholic issues. This stage of my life heavily affected me at that time and occasionally does in this present day. However, as I grew older and matured, I realized why my parent did what they did and forgave

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