Why People Choose to Work Essay

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Why People Choose to Work

Work is an application of mental or physical effort to a purpose, which usually earns a wage or salary or provides other rewards, though some work, like housework remains unpaid. Work is an important element in occupying and directing the individual's time. The demand of working life involves a high degree of discipline if jobs are to be kept. In this assignment I will be considering and explaining the importance of motivation in the work force and also be interviewing a few people and then giving details of wages and other rewards for working; working conditions and other factors that influence their motivation.
I will also review a variety of theories, which categorise workers.

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In 1954Abraham Maslow, proposed a hierarchy of needs to explain human behaviour. Maslow identified five classes of needs these included physiological needs, safety needs, and love and belonging, esteem needs and self-actualisation. The needs, which Maslow identified at the bottom of the pyramid, are based on basic needs concerned with survival needs such as eating and sleeping, and these must be satisfied before a person can go to the next level. For example some people may be more concerned with basic needs such as food, than anything else. Although it must be noted that once each need has been satisfied the ones below become less important, with exception to self-actualisation at the top, Maslow argued that although everybody is capable, very few actually reach this level.

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Douglas McGregor had two theories 'theory X' and 'theory Y'.
McGregor's theory X manager believes that an employee dislikes work and avoid if possible. As a result, theory X workers must be controlled, directed and threatened with punishment if necessary to make them work. McGregor's theory Y manager believes that an employee finds work as natural as play or rest. As a result, they are able and willing to organise, control and direct themselves, and accept authority and responsibility. Control and punishment are not effective ways to get the theory Y
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