Why People Commit Crime Is Not An Easy Task

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Explaining why people commit crime is not an easy task. Criminologists have attempted to travel down the paths of the reasoning for criminal behavior and the factors that flow with them. Criminologists have developed many theories or perspectives of crime. The perspectives recognize the cause of crime by the related qualifies of criminals and populations with high crime rates. Two perspectives of crime stood out from the wide variety, biological and psychological. In some cases biological and psychological explanations of crime run hand in hand, however the two perspectives focus on very different products of criminal behavior.
In explaining criminal behavior factors reveal that a person’s physical or biological characteristics are the results of criminal behavior. Biological factors play a significant role in determining the reasons people commit crime. It is believed that people go against the social norms because of that person’s biological make up (Boundless, 2014). Biological perspectives note that a person’s appearances and properties can be linked to illegal acts. Lombroso believed that people with certain appearances such as “drooping eyes” or “large ears” were found to be criminals (Boundless, 2014). Hereditary and genetic factors are said to also be a product of criminal behavior. A child can grow up and have the tendencies of a criminal because he/she has inherited those traits from a criminal parent. In today’s society, biochemical

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