Why People Die Research Paper

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Why do people die ?

as they say death is the only guaranteed thing in life and we go day to day living only to die one day. Young people do not really think about death, but it is mysterious , we never know when we can die. It can be today, tomorrow or in ten years and most do not even stop to think the importance of death. We always like to see death as something distant a concept that we should not even worry about at 17. Your perspective can change when your 11 year old sibling passes, but why? This question is constantly asked when death defies our logic. Why do innocent people die? We as human beings call upon ourselves to try to answer these questions, but in reality we can not answer what we do not know so the bible is where we should
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We seek him in our everyday lives and delight in his figure. God is almighty and all powerful he is the root of our happiness. He has shown us his greatness through blessings yet some still doubt his existence. God exists and we know this because he has shown us he does. He is in our every day lives and shines in us when we are sad. "Every day God shows ," (Eternal love)He is perfect in all aspects and guides us through the lathe he sees best fit. He is our savior. God is not silent unless you do not want to hear he is in every little thing we do and in our hearts. Our generosity stems from his we are grateful for all he has given us so we are inclined to do the same. He has revealed himself to us. He does not hide. He has presented himself and his word in the bible for us to read. Many say that the bible is faulty, but here I tell you that the word of God is true in everything it claims it is true. There may not actually have been a fox or grapes, but there is a lesson to be learn and that is the truth of the word of God. Many have sought to destroy it, but have all seen the greatness of his word "" (Martin Luther) Gods word is eternal and through it he has shown his existence. This is sufficient enough to believe in God yet he has shown himself to us not only in word , but in flesh. Jesus Christ was God in flesh as they are the same. John 1:14 " " All our faith is in God and his in us. Faith is at the forefront of these two…show more content…
Like, ok, so what's next? We do not know what happens to them. All we know is that it hurts and we miss them. Is their next stop heaven ? We don't know know for sure, but of all places we wish they could be, by Gods side is the most pleasant. Death is something we will all go through, but a lot of people including me fear what will ensue. We all hope it's heaven, but if it is not? Some say nothing occurs we just cease to exist. This is terrifying to me because I do not want my physical death to be the final curtain. Others say reincarnation and we are born anew. This is also scary to me because we still cease to exist. Yes we are born again, but with no memories of our past life so what does that mean? It means we die, if we can not remember who we were we will cease to exist. I was against reincarnation mostly all of my life. My brother passed and I hoped I would one day see him again I slept at a friends house a couple of months after his death. I remembered he used to beg me to let him come with me, but I would say no and make him feel bad. I cried for hours as I lay on the bed. I dreamt of him that night. He was in all white attire and he told me "it is ok we will see each other in two months". I woke up the next day and balled. Each day after I prayed to God and asked what the meaning of this dream was. I could not spend a day without thinking of him. Just before the two month mark my cousin was born and I thought you were
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