Why People Do What People You Found Yourself Thinking That You?

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How many times have you found yourself thinking that you just don 't understand people? I 'm willing to be that merely thinking about why people do what they do is frustrating to you, and it can easily get your worked up, angry, and upset. That 's why understanding people is so important to your happiness. When you can put a finger on why someone acts a certain way, you can let it go and get on with your day instead of dwelling on it.

I 'm not talking about understanding people in the sense of listening and comprehending what they are saying. I 'm also not talking about pretending to understand people by putting your own labels on them from your experience with them or with your life. I 'm talking about looking past what they are doing and saying and understanding exactly where they are coming from and becoming as close to a mind-reader as you can get.

Sometimes, people are going to put on a front to make you believe one thing as they think another. For instance, an adult child may pretend that she is happy in her marriage while she is around her mother so her mother thinks that she is having a great marriage. But she may be being abused or just generally feeling unhappy in the marriage, and it 's important to be able to see beyond the words in that case.

Or, your lover may tell you that they are fine, but if you are able to see beyond their words, then you can infer what they really mean and help them in whatever way you can.

So, understanding people is important…

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