Why People Eat The Food That They Do

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Why People Eat
There are many different reasons why people eat the food that they do. Food is what gives people the energy they need to function and can also provide comfort for some. The reasons why people eat differ from person to person, but some of the main reasons of focus will be the religious, social, economic, cultural, and media. Food has a big influence on our lives more than people may realize.
Different religions have beliefs that certain foods are sacred and then some are considered “tainted”. People that are Hindu believe that the cow is considered to be sacred. The reason being, they consider the cow to be a symbol of life; so cows may not be killed in the Hindu religion. They also believe in the harmony of living peacefully with nature, so they only eat food they believe help or hurt their physical or spiritual development. Closely related to Hindu’s is the religion of Buddhism. Many Buddhist don’t eat meat and don’t partake in the drinking of alcoholic beverages. Like the Hindus, Buddhist believe that a person returns as something or someone else, so a person could come back and live again as an animal. That is why the Buddhist don’t kill animals because they believe that it could have been someone they have known reincarnated. Interestingly enough, they also ask themselves questions before eating their meal. The questions they ask are: what food is this, where did it come from, why I am eating this food, when am I going to benefit from this food, and how…
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