Why People Fail At Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a struggle. So many of us are overweight and look to all sorts of weight loss methods in order to lose the extra pounds. Still, the vast majority of people on diets fail at losing that weight. More often than not, they even gain it all back, plus more! What makes us fail so often? Even people who are normally so responsible and motivated tend to fail at this endeavor. In order to be motivated to do something and see it through to the end, there needs to be a balance between work put in, and the reward you get from that work. The main reason that most people fail at weight loss is because the hard work usually vastly outweighs the outcome. You could eat right and exercise for weeks and only lose a few pounds. Such small progress…show more content…
I feel like I cannot stop eating. I have lost ALMOST 30 pounds and I am slowly starting to put it back on again. I have been feeling kinda bad about myself lately, and with that comes comforting myself with food. I know that if I get to the gym, that will help, but mentally, I have fallen off the weight loss wagon really hard and need to pull myself back up on it again. It's easier said than done. I was thinking about doing a fast today and just re-centering myself again. Saying some prayers and reading my Bible to get my head back in the game. I give all the glory to God for my loss so far, because without Him, I couldn't do this. I honestly do not have the will power. Why does food hold such power over some of us? I look at people on television or even people out in public that are thin. I am insanely jealous. What must that be like to be thin? I've never known what it feels like. What must it be like to not let your life revolve around food? To not always think about "what can I eat next?" or "I should invite a friend to dinner so I can eat something yummy." My mindset is just all wrong and I don't know how to change that. I don't know why food comforts me, but it does. It makes me feel good for about two minutes. I get lost in the flavors and the feeling of endless chewing. Usually when I eat a high fat meal, I feel like crap when it's all done. Why can't I remember that feeling? Why doesn't that sit with me in my mind? I hate the way I look. My body disgusts me. I don't understand how my husband can want me, but he does. I'm totally blessed by him. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. I get depressed really easily, and I think it's because I've been eating so badly. Have you ever noticed that when your diet gets bad, your mentality takes a huge downfall? I do. I'm going grocery shopping today and my goal is to buy everything healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies and chicken. I think another problem is that I'm getting bored with
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