Why People Go Out And Commit Crimes

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It has always been a part of the American society for women to become wives, then mothers, and caretakers of her family’s needs before anything else. For a woman to venture out into the world was taboo and unheard of. Women that commit crimes was even an bigger monstrosity to think about. But trends have been changing rapidly in our culture than now makes it even more likely for women to go out and offend. Several theories have been created in an attempt to understand why people go out and commit crimes. If one were to study what would be considered a “mainstream” theory, they would find that they typically do not pertain to women offenders. Take heed, however, that feminist theories of criminology do exists, but the application of the more accepted theories was usually assumed to only pertain to communities as a whole or just to men. None really offer an explanation for female offending. The question then becomes: how do we apply mainstream criminological theory to women? If one were to analyze some of the theories created, they would find that the most widely accepted ones cannot be easily applied.
The Social Disorganization theory for example: the theory stems a great amount of its data from Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay’s concentric zone model applied to criminology. (da Silva, 2014). The theory breaks down why one geographical area is more likely to experience crime than another area, based on its relativity to the inner cities. If you were to pin on a map a large city…

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