Why People Have Anxiety Disorder

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“Why do people have anxiety disorder?”
When you first think of anxiety disorder, you think, “It’s a mental disorder” or maybe “It’s just an excuse for some people who are overreacting.” When in fact, for people who have suffered anxiety, is not just simply “a disorder” or “an excuse.” It’s a heavy thing that they always bring around every day in their lives, because it’s always in the way and they can’t do anything because of their own fear that is, living in it. They want to stop it, they really do but they can’t and they don’t know why.

As stated in a spoken word poetry by Sabrina Benaim, entitled “Explaining Depression to my
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“Anxiety holds me a hostage inside of my house, inside of my head. Mom says, “Where did anxiety come from?” Anxiety is the cousin visiting from out of town, depression felt obligated to bring to the party. Mom, I am the party.” Anxiety disorders, in the US alone, is the most common mental illness, with an 18% part of the population having it. Anxiety disorder is also estimated to have 15% of the people to have it in their lifetime. (Epidemiol Psichiatr Soc 2009;18(1):23–33) It isn’t just being afraid to go on stage, or shy to talk to people. It’s the fear of people making fun of you for no reason. The fear of people judging you, even if they don’t glance at you. The fear of making a mistake, and panicking. Even if you know it’s fine. Symptoms of anxiety disorders include, phobias, (more focused on agoraphobia; the fear of helplessness when you’re in a
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