Why People Need To Be Judged

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Society often judges people unfairly because they are quick to assume or they judge based off of petty, trivial things. For example, they might see a person dressed a certain way and instantly assume it’s for one certain reason, and cannot possibly be for any other reason. If a person is dressed sloppily, it’s obviously because he is lazy and doesn’t care how he looks. After all it’s easier to accept a baseless conclusion than to gather evidence for other possible conclusions. It is also easier for one to distract himself from his own issues by embracing the bliss of ignorance and telling others about how wrong they are instead of looking at himself. People generally prefer the easy route, thus why people like this exist, and why innocent people get persecuted.…show more content…
People who substitute their own reality for how things really are think that things like personality, good character and inner beauty are to be ignored and looks, personal opinions and clothing choice need to be judged. Anyone who so much as believes something different is biased and ignorant to them. People who are discriminated against are put in that position because of how others try to strip them of what makes people people: difference. Some people misunderstand and think that difference is a sickness and anyone who has it is just a horrible person. They shouldn’t have to meet some arbitrary standard, nor should they be forced into doing or believing something just because everyone else does it. No matter how different they are, they are people all the same and they should be treated as
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