Why People Need To Be Prevented

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In today’s day and age, I look at news stories/articles that depict nothing but struggle for all sorts of communities and individuals globally (Slide 13). People in the world are homeless, depressed, and lonely to the point where they have given up hope (Slide 4 and 19). Why does this happen? Can this be prevented? Most of the time this happens as a result of not completing school, have failed at finding a career that they are interested in, or they have been involved in activities with disruptive individuals which results in humans not having too much offered to them in their lives. ( Slide 10 ). This can, however, be prevented. All it takes is for us, as humans, to guide others the right direction, and there are several excellent careers…show more content…
When I was younger, all I heard from the outside world was that “You can be whatever you want to be“, but at the same time, The person I obsessed with when I was an adolescent, Bear Grylls, had stated “A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.” I had dreamed of becoming an NBA superstar when I was only five and every single day I practiced my tail off to watch if I could possibly pull off my goal. However, when I was eight, my parents signed me up for a city league, and all I witnessed was everybody able to outdo me at every possible fundamental. I ended up being atrocious and my dad told me “ Sometimes talent is natural, and it provides dreams out of reach, but you must look around for everything possible for something you can reach that will help you in the long run. “ (Slides 20 and 25). Throughout the rest of my childhood, I had explored several possible careers such as working with animals. I was always interested in animals that you could interact with in public, but I always had a fear with household pets on behalf of knowing that they would prey on and attack each other unexpectedly, and that’s something I’d always been terrible at coping with (Slides 24 and 28). However, when I started high school, I recall that I was always doing something that I enjoyed. Whenever I went to class, someone would always call on me to assist them with a problem and I was always able to help them solve it. It was very rewarding and again came another Epiphany. I was guiding people what to do under proper circumstances. That congenial of guidance falls into the category in Teaching, and at that instant came my quest to become a teacher who could make a change in the world. I started taking the teaching courses my school offered during my Junior and Senior years and I knew I was making a positive
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