Why People Should Be Censored

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The censorship is the idea of government that they believed people cannot understand what the reality of life around them is. They assume they know what the best way is for people that they thinking and choosing for them without any new idea from people. These ideas give the government strong reason to control speech, internet and news with the power they have. They tell their people this method can saves children, adult and even country. Censoring maybe protect children or adult from some harsh Media that show violence and bad language but the same time it is against freedom of speech personal choice and how to choice and find their own way in their own life humanity right for many reasons such as controlling person's mind, controlling people choice and how to choose and find their own way in their life find and stop been creative. All over the world, people want to read and search news, subject, watch movie or listen to listen to music in internet because this is one of the fact…show more content…
Mankind born with freedom but with censorship they cannot to choose, so they are just following everything that the government telling them. The judge is part of life that people can make design their own idea but with censor the media that dictate to the human mind, so people cannot find their way. Next reason of censorship show how the censoring can damage the human life. Censorship can control of thinking, so people cannot use the power of creativity. When people live in a country that they do not access to real news or knowledge from Media, how they can find knowledge and creativity for a better life. Censoring is one of the fact that can stop new idea.
These reason show how much censoring can damage the human life. Government uses some method that can help people for better life, but censoring can damage power of thinking, ability to choose and stop
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