Why People Should Not Embrace The Technology That Is Designer Babies

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The speech that corresponds with this paper is about a very controversial topic. Why people should not embrace the technology that is designer babies. The purpose of the discussion topic is to persuade people to against further research of designer babies. The general concept of designer babies is the hand-picked creation of a child, but the topic will be further discussed throughout this essay. Designer babies are an inhumane way to create a child and should not be promoted or legal in the United States. There are many videos based on the study of designer babies, as shown in the beginning of my speech. Most of these videos talk about what a designer baby is, the general process and creation, and how the research of designer babies affects future birthing and conception. This topic has caused extreme controversy in the past few years and has been on nearly every new station across the country. All of the station have listed pros and cons for the topic and tried to make it easier to understand so viewers can follow, as well. People use moral judgment and god to debate about this inhumane topic. A designer baby is a genetically engineered child using InVitro fertilization for specially selected traits, which can vary from lower risk diseases to gender selection (The Embryo Project). The idea of designer babies was first established in the mid-1990s by an embryologist named Jacques Cohen. His technique for helping infertile women was intended to “rescue” the eggs of women

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