Why Personal Information Is Risky On The Internet And The Situation Of Information Security

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With the development of internet technology, society has been pushed compulsorily into a ‘big data’ period(Craig and Ludloff,2011).”Big data refers to the massive amounts of data collected over time that are difficult to analyze and handle using common database management tools” ( Not only the development strategy of the government and enterprises, but also threaten citizens’ personal information security. There are significant issues increases rapidly due to this environment such as transfer , reproduction and abuse of personal information. Therefore, it provides convenience to criminal who wants to steal personal information of other people for benefit reason or other reasons. This essay aims to introduce the risks to personal information on the internet and find some solutions to relieve even solve these problems. Firstly, following article will indicate why personal information is risky on the internet and the situation of information security in recent internet environment. Secondly, significant issues from information security will be shown. Finally, solutions and evaluations need to be come up with so that people can protect their privacy.
As an important determinant of the development of commercial activities, accurate personal information is required to provide on the internet. However, E Xie,H-H.Teo Teo,W.Wan,(2006) showd that the operators who use internet for commercial or social activities are hesitate to provide real personal information.
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