Why Personality Test Is Important?

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Theme Paper #1 I recently took a similar test through my employment to help give our director a better idea of the type of employees she had working in her department and how to use each one of skills set to best of the company. I was expecting to get the similar results however I did not get similar results. Different results from different test can be caused by participant error due to overall mood when taking the test. I know that during my coursework my thought patterns have changed which was reflected in the different results of the test. People are complex beings who can change at will or not change depending on how they approach a situations. With therapy people can change how they react to situations. I think that personality test are important because they give insight into a person and crate a place to discuss the finding. I received personality type of guardian which I can see how it fits me as the person I am right now. If I were working with a client who was struggling with what they should do with their career then I would have them take a personality test to help give them idea of what they might good at. The Keirsey test does not that long to complete. I believe that many test can be too long which lose a person interest and can decrease how accurate a test is. While doing more research on the Keirsey test an article but Miles (2006) pointed out that Keirsey makes no bones about temperament being inborn. He point out that personality types dictate how
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