Why Pharmaceutical Doctors Leave Samples Of Expensive Physicians

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Explain why pharmaceutical representatives leave samples of expensive medications with physicians. Pharmaceuticals use a marketing tactic, “to influence doctors to prescribe newer and more expensive (and profitable) drugs” rather than to give patients time-tested generic drugs that cost less. Some doctors will give the patients some of the samples to try, and if the patient is satisfied with the way it worked then they will want that prescription and not realize that it cost more and that there is not a generic for that brand. I had a doctor give me samples one time and he said that they were out of date, but they would still work, I didn't go back to him again. Here are 4 ways pharmaceutical companies market to doctors: 1. Visits from pharmaceutical representatives – the representatives give the doctors gift and take them out to eat, to con them into allowing the pharmaceutical to build their websites or provide free web pads, which are used to compile patient information and medical history to save doctors on transcription cost. This allows the pharmaceutical's to get their hands on patients data “(last…show more content…
“When a drug company develops a new drug, they give it a brand-name” like Advil (cost more), after several years of this drug being out on the market, other companies can't copy it, so they make up a new name (chemical name) (Ibuprofen), this is the generic name with the same ingredients as the brand-name but cheaper. Preferred and non-preferred drugs are when you need 2 brand-name drugs to treat one problem, your insurance company can get you one less expensive than the other, this will become the preferred drug (cost less) and the other one is the non-preferred drug (cost more). Then you have drugs that aren't in the formulary, which the insurance companies don't find them necessary to improve your health so they won't pay for them. These are called lifestyle drugs, for weight loss or hair
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