Why Pharmacy Is A Chemistry And Biology

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Andrew Boss
Amber Collins
14 October 2015
Pharmacy is a chemistry and biology orientated health profession that requires great attention to detail and also good oral and written communication skills. I would enjoy a career in pharmacy because it combines the two subjects that I enjoy most: chemistry and biology. This profession would also give me the opportunity to help other people every day. Pharmacy does require several years of schooling, however, in the long run it pays off very well. Out of all the health professions available, pharmacy interests me the most.
Job description:
Pharmacists do much more than simply fill prescriptions. They can advise patients about a healthy diet, ensure that prescribed medication does not conflict negatively with other medications that a patient is taking, and can even give flu shots. Pharmacists also regularly instruct patients on when and how to take their medication, coordinate with insurance companies about prescribed medication, and oversee the pharmacy technicians and interns (“Pharmacists.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
There are four different types of pharmacists: community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, consultant pharmacists, and pharmaceutical industry pharmacists. Community pharmacists work in chain drug stores, and some even run their own pharmacy. They give prescribed medication to patients, and give advice and occasionally flu shots to them as well. Clinical pharmacists are much different. They
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