Why Pigs Are Better Than Pets

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Have you ever wanted a pet that was intelligent, adorable, affordable, and healthy? They are pigs! One reason, their food is inexpensive. Also, they don’t frequent the vet. Pigs are routinely quite, but when they are hurt, they squeal their tails off! Pigs are better pets than dogs because they are non-picky eaters, very affectionate, and are very quiet.
Hogs aren't picky eaters. Leftovers from the table and old produce are both things that pigs enjoy eating. Instead of filling up the compost bin, feed the sow blemished produce. With dogs, you have to buy them expensive dog kibble from the store. People who have a dog spend about sixty dollars a bag, but a pig will be more cost efficient. You don’t have to buy a special type of food for pigs.
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