Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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Plastic bags
Recently, there has been a lot of fuss over the ban of plastic bags in Australia. Here is an article on why we should have a ban on plastic and non-reusable bags.

In 1960, the recyclable paper bags, were replaced by single-use plastic bags, which means that they are for carrying shopping from the shop to a home. When they replaced the bags around 60 years ago, businesses found it a lot cheaper to have plastic bags instead of paper. However, plastic bags pollute, and take about 1 thousand years to break down!

What we use today for carrying is very different to what consumers were using 57 years ago. In !960, when plastic bags became most popular, all the people buying groceries and food decided to switch to plastic bags instead of paper because paper rips, and the plastic bags are a lot stronger. Nearly 60 years later, we are starting to discover that plastic bags are not what we thought they were.

Plastics and plastic bags take along time to break down. The reason that it takes so long to break down, is that the atoms are hexagonally arranged, so that the atoms take to 500-1000 years, to disintegrate, depending on the plastic. Once the atoms have been split apart, it pollutes the ozone layer. The ozone layer acts like sunscreen to the earth, so when it gets polluted, it gets damaged so there is a hole in the ozone layer (which absorbs uv rays), which is really bad for the environment and us. This can affect consumer choice because if a consumer knows about

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