Why Pluto Should Reclaim Its Place As A Planet

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Why Pluto Should Reclaim Its Place as a Planet Written by Alisia Busey Have you ever been singled out of a group because you don 't “meet” their requirements? If not, think about how you would feel if your friends decided you were lower than them because your teeth were a little crooked or you were a little different than everyone else from time to time. Wouldn 't that hurt you and make you feel like you don 't mean anything to anyone. Well, thats how Pluto feels when everyone decided they didn 't like the way it orbited the sun or the fact that it wasn 't the biggest object in its orbit. Myself and others believe that Pluto should be a planet because it fits most of the requirements of being a planet, we should decide based off of facts, not votes and Pluto fits all the characteristics of a planet. First of all, you probably know Pluto fits all but one of the IAU’s, International planet requirements. The original definition of planet was a wanderer, created by the Greeks that watched these planets move for thousands of years (Scientific American). If the world had left that definition, then we would have hundreds of planets in our solar system including Pluto. In fact, we didn 't have an official definition until 2006.This meant that Pluto could no longer be considered a planet since the definition required it to have three characteristics. The IAU decided that in order to qualify as a planet, it had to orbit the Sun, be big enough for gravity to squash it into a round

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