Essay about Why Pornography Shouldn't Be Banned

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Why Pornography Should Not Be Banned

It seems to me there are two ways of defending pornography. The first is pornography does not harm anyone, and so it should not be banned. The second is pornography can't accurately be identified between what pornography is and what it's not. With these two main points I will prove pornography should not be banned.

Pornography does not harm anyone. In mainstream pornography, all parties are willing participants. The women who grace the pages of Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Swank, etc. are paid to do so. They have entered into a contract in which they sell their services. Their services in this case are the displaying of their naked bodies for the "masturbatory delight"
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Indeed, the real harm would come in taking away an opportunity currently available to them (probably the most efficient opportunity currently available to them) to make money.

We can never draw the line accurately between what is pornography and what it's not. The problem comes when the government or public are of the opinion that it is wrong. When that happens, they attempt to identify what is pornography, and what is art. Those who try to define pornography (and who want so-called art like Lady Chatterley's Lover and Michelangelo's David excluded from that definition) will typically create some sort of test to define the difference between pornography and art. This is no answer at all. One of two arguments will defeat it, depending on one's viewpoint. For example whether a particular piece of would-be-pornography is art or not is determined by the creator or a consumer. A certain piece is defined by what the creator intended it for or by what consumers (government and critics) believes it to be. If the distinction between art and pornography is based on intentions, then the response is that we never can accurately and actually know the intention of the artist. Just as I believe we could never really begin to accurately describe the intentions of our fore fathers when they came up with the U.S. Constitution. If the distinction is based on the interpretation of the courts, then we can accurately say the problem lies with unqualified

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