Why Preston High School Should Not Wear Uniforms

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Preston High School should not adhere to a school dress code because it limits self-expression, high initial cost and can be very uncomfortable. Yes, some people say that school uniforms are better so that you don’t have to worry about students wearing inappropriate clothing to school but, wearing the uniforms doesn’t allow the students to show their true selves. People may say uniforms are or can be comfortable but, honestly I don’t see how wearing that same exact clothes everyday or each week can be comfortable. I feel like it would be annoying and uncomfortable looking the exact same every day. You may be able to do your hair different and girls can do their make-up but, they would still look that same no matter what. Everyone wants to show their true…show more content…
No parent wants to see their kid not happy or fail a class due to not being able to pay attention because the clothing they are wearing is bothering them. They won’t be able to show their true self which will make them unhappy and they can lose concentration. Our school doesn’t have the money to afford uniforms for all the students. Getting uniforms do not solve any problems and doesn’t do any good. Uniforms will just make students unhappy and honestly just be pointless. It will not stop people from fight over stupid stuff or stop them from spreading rumors to cause drama. Uniforms do not solve any of the bigger issues. The school would have to raise a lot money somehow if they wanted uniforms because there are a lot students in our school and we just don’t have the money for that. School uniforms would make all kids feel the same by wearing the same clothes as everyone else and not being able to express themselves. This is why I think students at Preston High should not have to wear school
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