Why Prisons Don't Work- Wilbert Rideau Essay

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Wilbert Rideau- Why Prisons don’t work.
According to Wilbert Rideau's opinion, prisons do not work, and there are various reasons why this happens. As indicated in the last paragraph essay, one of the major problems of prisons circulates in the fact that politicians take the easy way to make the people think they are doing something to combat crime. They invest in police and prisons that do nothing but keep us in a repetitive circle without giving us any solution. Although prisons do have a role in society safety, they do not provide people total security. Actually there are big criminals that are not in prison and the ones who are in prison are not getting rehab.
Prisons tend to focus on punishment than on rehabilitation. As Rideau
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Government should take action by making plans that involves young kids in activities that keep them away from criminal activities. By sending teenagers to prisons they would be getting a criminal education instead of a real education. In cases crimes have a lot to do with economy. If government instead of making inversions on polices and prisons that do not represents decrease on crime use those funds to invest on working programs that could result on less robberies. This will just not lower the crime-rate, but decrease the prison population.
Prison is obviously not working on rehabilitating prisoners because there are prisoners who are released, but they don't return to prison. Yet, the majority of prisoners released do go back to jail. Criminals think they're not going to get caught or they're so emotionally desperate or psychologically distressed that they don't care about the consequences. To lower the recidivism prisons should offer real rehabilitation to prisoners. Criminals are not all waste people; most of them could just have haven a crisis that make them commit the crimes. Rehabilitation can work for them, but until prisons do more for rehabilitation prisoners won't change. The convict who enters prison illiterate will probably leave the same way. To change this prison should be less a place to

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