Why Procedural Programming Is Important Part Of Our Daily Lives

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Introduction When we started programming (our generation) we started with C. Object oriented languages like Java were thought later. Even when we switched to Java or C++ we still never really focussed on object oriented concepts and used procedural style in most places to complete the tasks and assignments. Firstly procedural programming is easy to understand and implement and quicker.To achieve simple tasks it was the way to go. Imagine having to import so many namespaces and declaring a class and then a main method to just print hello world. The shift seemed quite hard and didnt make much sense at that point. As we progressed over a period of time (that included losing marks for not using oop concepts !!!). The benefits and advantage…show more content…
Measurements actually give a clear picture if things have actually improved after changes being made. Quantifying is easy and can be done but qualifying these is more important as that will give meaning and weightage to our measurements. Measuring something that’s unmeasurable helps us improve our understanding of the attributes involved and the overall process in general “You cannot control what you cannot measure” — De Marco, 1982 “What is not measurable, make measurable” — Galileo Knowing the boundaries or Thresholds It is good to take measurements but in some cases just the measurements itself is not useful. For e.g. taking your blood pressure or blood sugar levels is advised for people once they cross a certain age but the measurements as it is will not be useful if I don’t know the limits of 120-80 or under 200. These are the standards that have been accepted as the norm for a healthy person. There are 2 important things one is knowing your own measurements and then knowing the acceptable limits and what can be classified as way off the mark or within the normal range. Generally accepted semantics and statistic based thresholds. Typical values Lower and high values Extreme high values. Statistical means (Average and standard deviation) Software metrics A bridge once constructed with all the necessary guidelines and standards for e.g. to withstand heavy load, harsh weather conditions will not have to undergo any major maintenance
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