Why Professional Revision Is Carried Out

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Since there are very few empirical studies that deal with professional revision of translations, Rasmussen and Schjoldager initiated an empirical study in order to learn more about how and why professional revision is carried out. The data are collected through a questionnaire survey and supplemented with an interview survey. A total of 24 Danish translation companies participated in the questionnaire survey from which five were later interviewed along with other eight in-house employees who revise on a regular basis. This paper therefore reports on the findings of the revision policies in some translation companies in Denmark.
The research found out that not all translations are submitted to revision. From the responses provided by questionnaire respondents and interviewees, it can be said that most of the translation companies focus largely on the revision of in-house translations, whereas few companies seem to concentrate only on the revision of translations produced by freelancers. Among the various reasons for not submitting all translations to revision, the most important one was that there is not always time to revise everything and that quality assurance is not always necessary, especially in the case of outsourced translations as they are expected to be revised by the subcontracting translation company. According to most questionnaire respondents, project managers are generally in charge of deciding whether a translation needs revision or not, but that
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