Why Prostitution Is Wrong?

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In “Markets in Women 's Sexual Labor” Debra Satz lays out an argument for an “egalitarian approach” to deciding why prostitution is wrong and whether or not that means it should be illegal (Satz, 1995). Satz accepts that prostitution is wrong from the start but she seeks a good explanation for why. She decides that prostitution is wrong because the practice of women selling their sexual services to men perpetuates gender inequality.
If we accept that prostitution is wrong then we should look for a good argument to explain why that is so. Many people feel that it is wrong in that there are some things humans can do that should not be put on the open market. This is the asymmetry thesis, which says that selling sex and reproductive services on the market is more wrong than selling other services. In order to make this thesis credible, however, it needs to say why sex and reproduction are singled out as unacceptable. What is it that is common to all prostitution (which varies considerably) that makes it wrong? Satz presents three arguments that could answer this question.
First, the economic approach. This argument says that prostitution is wrong if its social costs outweigh its social benefits. It agrees with the asymmetry thesis if it is a given that the costs of prostitution are higher than the costs of other services on the market. These costs as she lists them are spread of diseases, guilt, financial waste, and damage to “moralisms.” Satz objects to this approach
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