Why Public Libraries Matter: And How They Can Do More

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The Future of Libraries Technology advancements have become a severe threat to libraries all around the globe. Due to the uprise of technology utilization within the past decade, public libraries have been losing patrons exponentially. Factors such as social media, gaming systems, Netflix, and Internet surfing have been providing a large majority entertainment for the population today, which causes books to be “boring” to the newest generations of people. The obstacles that libraries must overcome in order to keep consumers interested in books has become extraordinary. Therefore, some communities are considering modernizing libraries to gain back the interest of the public. “Why Public Libraries Matter: And How They Can Do More” by David Vinjamuri demonstrates the dedication that librarians have toward benefitting their patrons. The goal of libraries has always been simple; to supply easy access to information and to establish a center where the community can read stories as a leisurely activity. As the Internet became more common in the…show more content…
eBooks are electronic alternatives to reading a physical book. Instead, they display text and images on a device such as a Kindle or smartphone. Thousands of these readings are either cheap or free and can be obtained within the comfort of one’s home. The convenience that eBooks preserve makes the accessibility of these books nearly effortless. Due to the popularity that eBooks have displayed, Maureen Sullivan, the President of the American Library Association, reintroduced the Digital Library of America project of 2010. The purpose of the digital library would be to establish a central location where readers can access a public domain and an organized online catalog that includes both full text and copyrighted material. A greater variety of books would be available for purchase through a negotiation between libraries and eBook
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