Why Purchase A Garnet Wedding Or Engagement Ring

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Garnet is not your traditional color for engagement or wedding rings, but they shouldn't be discounted because there are so many benefits to choosing a garnet ring for the love of your life. They're a rich color that look amazing in many different settings, which makes them suitable for a women who loves to be original and uncommon. They're affordable, too.

Why Purchase a Garnet Wedding or Engagement Ring?
Garnets have a timeless beauty that's been around for thousands of years. It's not a gemstone that will disappoint in a few years. In fact, it's a gemstone that the love of your life will want to give to her children and grandchildren.

The Color of Love and the Heart
The beautiful, rich color of red has always been associated with love
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It's a terrific alternative for a person with a budget who might have considered buying a ruby. Garnets are incredibly durable with a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs Scale.

The rich, red gemstone has a few meanings, which should interest someone looking for an engagement ring. It's associated with passion, fire, and love, but also loyalty. It's the birthstone for the month of January, too. If your love is a January girl, there's no way you can't look into purchasing this stunning gemstone for her engagement ring.

Styles, Types of Garnet, and Metal Color
Garnets look incredible when they're surrounded by a light contrasting color. This means that diamonds, CZ or white topaz are terrific for halos and tapered baguettes on the side of the garnet. If you choose another color for your garnet like green, orange-yellow, or violet-red, you'll want to stick with a metal color that will enhance the garnet.

Sterling silver is a great metal for garnets of any color for those who are budget-conscious. They require a bit more care since they'll need to be cleaned regularly, but the contrast is quite stunning. Instead of silver, you might choose platinum or white gold.

Enhancements for Your Garnet Wedding
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