Why Racism Will Never End? Essay

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Why Racism will never end?

Since the beginning of time, there has been racism. People are afraid of difference and are used to the ordinary. Racism became a worldwide problem in America especially, after they imported slaves from Africa. Even after a long fight for equality of all skin colours, racism was still present. Racism will never stop. It will keep going on and on till the day the world ends. The reasons why it is never going to end are people’s upbringings, media, and stereotypes. No one is born racist; it is the world around them that forms their opinions.

The way that children are raised is a source of racism. From a young age, children look up to their parents as idols and teachers. Their opinions and beliefs are passed down to their children. Children do not know any better; they have not had any time to search for their own opinions. In ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, Scout and Jem are brought up in a non-racist household. Their father, Atticus, believes that everyone is equal and that people shouldn’t be prejudiced on because of their skin colour. When Atticus defended an African American man who ended up going to jail for doing something innocent, Jem and Scout do not understand why people would do that. The rest of the town knew that he was innocent too, but chose to put him in jail anyway because the whites were superior over the African Americans. Atticus brought up Jem and Scout through his opinions of African American people. Their opinions are the same as
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