Why Ranken Is A Good High School Essay

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College is a place many things can happen. Some people say that college is a place where you find who you are and that it is also where you get to experience the real world and you get to meet new people and become an adult. On the other hand, people say college is a stressed filled place where students get four hours of sleep a night and you become in debt with college fees. And then there’s the few people that say it’s all about partying and just having fun. What is true about college is that it’s a place where students continue their education for hopefully a future career and you meet new people and experience new things too. At Ranken Technical Institute, there are plenty of programs to take that are hands-on and can really help with a future career. If one chooses to go for the career of architecture Ranken has many programs that include earning a four year Bachelor and a two year Associate degree for Science in Architectural Technology or Associate degree of Technology in Architectural Technology. When it comes to tuition for Ranken, it’s $14,232 per academic year for the full day program at the school and for each six hour course is $3,558. For the general only tuition it is $128 per hour. What certain students that have participated in the Missouri A+…show more content…
Ranken is in St. Louis so it’s an hour away from Ste. Genevieve. The price and tuition isn’t that expensive. A good thing about Ranken is that it’s a “hands-on” school which means the school takes you places so students really get to see and do what they are taught. One more thing that is good about Ranken is that graduating from this school can lead to having a great career with a great salary. Ranken is a school that has a small crime rate and is also in a low crime rate area so that is something good to have. What isn’t good about the area is that it’s in the city which some students probably wouldn’t
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