Why Realism Fails Counterinsurgency?

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Why Realism Fails Counterinsurgency
As seen through US policymakers, realism fails counterinsurgency
Relevant to realism, fail has three definitions: To lack prevention, to lack aim of root causes, and to lack efficiency upon trial.

Realism does not prevent future insurgency acts
Realism does not prevent future insurgency acts as there has been an increase in the magnitude of threat and the use of the traditional framework around war. First, a notable political scientist, John Mearsheimer argues that what has changed over time is the magnitude of the threat. What the US is up against is a more formidable and more dangerous adversary that was the case throughout the 1990s. As a counterinsurgency
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There is no certainty whether or not this terrorist group will strike in the future. As seen through these theories and the exemplary counterinsurgency act against Al- Qaeda, realism does not prevent future insurgency acts.

Realism lacks the aim to address the root causes of insurgencies
Realism lacks the aim to address the root causes of insurgencies. Especially with realism, the response to the phenomenon and the neglect to have a core understanding of Counterinsurgency Operation (COIN) present the failure of counterinsurgencies. Diplomatic Politician, Cornelia Beyer believes that counter[insurgency] strategies of the US do not regard nor address root causes of terrorism adequately but apply power politics in responding to the phenomenon. The failure of directing a counterinsurgency to the root will cause the US to be deprived of success. Imaginative wishes cannot fulfill the task of in- depth research of the origin of the insurgencies. The US solely counteracts the observant situation, neglecting to understand the core of the conflict. This lack has caused the US to begin to pay a high price of achieving stability and security.
Janine Davidson, argues that when the United States will conduct counterinsurgency it requires that political leadership have a core understanding of the basic principles of COIN. The failure to consider the basic principles of COIN places the
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