Why Is Relationship Management Imperative For Project Management

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3. Analysis the Problem 3.1. Why relationship management is imperative for project management in nowadays
The aspect of the period, in the past, the project contains a contract of limited time. At this time, poor performance, such as time delays and cost overruns, are not uncommon in construction projects and the reasons behind these problems have attracted the attention of construction practitioners and researchers. Performance tries to avoid failure project. As a result, people who are in the project management area identified the most important factors leading to time delays and cost overruns as finance and payment problems, such as poor management, after that aim to handle the changes in site conditions, and shortages of materials (Meng, 2012). Finally, finding that the importance of management linked internal supply chain management.
Normally, Industry perceptions of what a system integrator is in construction are relative. Each individuals or groups have own belief about system integration. One respondent said everyone in the supply chain considers themselves to be a systems integrator: architects, design-and-build contractors, construction management firms, developers, etc. Another thought that design-and-build operators were the closest equivalent. The two suppliers interviewed understood the systems integrator in their own terms (Brady, Davies, and Gann, 2005).
Especially, a construction supply chain is more complex and involves a larger number of key
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