Why Religion And Spirituality?

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Theme One: Why religion and spirituality?
The first theme that I have identified as significant in my spiritual journey is ‘Why religion and spirituality?’ To me this theme encompasses and seeks to illuminate the burning desire that human beings have to find answers to questions that give meaning to their life. The main premise of Mackay’s book is about the people’s desire for a life of meaning, be that with, or without the traditional institutionalized idea of God. In the first chapter Mackay discusses that humans are innately built to search for answers and that we seek to understand the world around us and reasons for our own existence. Mackey suggests that in some part, religion, and spirituality, is a way to fulfil our own burning desire to answer these questions. However, as human knowledge and understanding continue to develop and provide technology that is able to gather data in order to make hypothesis and in some instances provide evidence based answers for some questions, our reliance on religion for these answers seems to be waning. However, Mackay indicates that religion will continue to prosper due to key factors, among others, Mackay mentions a human’s needs to believe and their need to belong. This theme highlighted the significance that faith and a sense of belonging have in our society. Through reading Beyond Belief, I was drawn to reflect on the impact of faith in my personal life, and a yearning to belonging in my professional life.
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