Why Robots Will-And Must-Take Our Jobs

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Life in A Robotic World In a 2012 article, Kevin Kelly the executive editor of Wired, pose the statement "Why Robots Will- and Must- Take Our Jobs." In the article, he states that robots need to take over our jobs because in the future there will be more complex tasks that humans will need. Humans are known to show compassion, unlike robots. In addition, Kelly mentioned "this is not a race against the machines. If we were against them, we lose. This is a race with the machines." (311) On one hand, I agree that we are in a race against them. On the other hand, we are racing against them and not with them.
In our race against the machines, it is causing the loss of jobs, income, and shelter which can lead to poverty. If a robot takes over, we are
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Robots create jobs that humans didn't know they wanted as well as new technological advances. Kelley promotes that "[humans should] let the robots take over", which will help individuals become better and happier than they have ever been (311). Although when I think about my future job in nursing I don't feel threatened or see a robot taking over my job. Androids are more precise than all humans because they are able to focus on a single task until it is completed as well as their hands are not shaky. According to the nursing world website, "Many healthcare providers have expressed concern about the lack of emotion in robots, suggesting that this is the element that will never replace human caregivers." On the other hand, I believe caregivers are not going to lose their jobs. A lot of people who go to the hospital are going to want a human to handle them because they have feelings and sympathy for patients as well as interacting with them to make them feel more at home. Androids would not give comfort and support like you can get from humans which is why robots are not going to take over the world of
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