Why Roller Coasters Are The Most Terrifying Machines Ever Invented By Man

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The Diamondback
Roller coasters are the most terrifying machines ever invented by man, especially to an eleven-year-old. I had been looking forward to this trip to the “Frontier City” amusement park for a long time. I was going to get to ride my very first roller coaster. Being the oldest and biggest of my two brothers, I was the only one tall enough to ride roller coasters. The whole trip I had been bragging about how I was going to ride all of them. My parents had gotten on to me for bragging about it too much because my brothers were a little jealous that they couldn’t ride. I didn’t care I was too excited to care.
As soon as we got to the amusement park, the smell of popcorn and cotton candy filled my nose. The anticipation that had been building up for the trip all came to a boil as soon as I walked through the turnstile. The first thing that I did was find the map and figured out where the roller coasters were. My Dad had to run to catch up to me and to keep me from getting in line by myself. I didn’t know why I had to wait. I was eleven years old, I could ride on the roller coasters and my brothers couldn’t, so that meant I was basically an adult now. I could do anything, or so I thought.
My Dad and I walked up to the line of the first roller coaster that we came across. Over the line there was a gigantic sign that read “The Diamondback”, my stomach sank. The reality finally hit me, I was about to get on this and go 100 miles per hour and get turned up upside down.
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