Why Sam Should Sit An Exam For Getting Into Grammar School Early Or Not?

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Background Sam is a 10-year-old quiet girl with a British-Pakistani background. She lives with her parents who both have jobs and neither of them experienced further education. Sam also has an older sister and is currently at the local grammar school. Sam’s younger brother is 7 and attends the same school as Sam. Sam had a rough start to life being born 7 weeks early and starting her life in an incubator. She has also struggled with temporary deafness as well as hay-fever and tonsillitis. Due to these problems Sam has had many days off sick. Sam is socially accepted and has a few close friends. She attends after school clubs until her parents’ finish work. Her teachers have recently made a discovery that Sam may be dyslexic and is…show more content…
Each student has different strengths, one may do better on a non-verbal test, but someone else may do better in a verbal test (Neisser et al., 1996). This can be because of many different reasons, such as intelligence being hereditary (Dreary, 2013). Upon reading Sams’ file it is clear that there are a few problems. Firstly, it has been found that recently Sam has been struggling with work in certain classes. This struggle has led her teachers to think Sam might be suffering with dyslexia; which is thought to be a neuro-developmental disorder (Frith, 1999) and linked with a phonological deficit (Das, Mishra & Kirby, 1994). Additionally, this research has shown that dyslexia is thought to be a heredity disability (Kytja & Voeller, 2004). This could be a reason that Sam’s parents did not continue on to further education. Individuals who gain higher intelligence scores are more likely to succeed in further education and choose to stay there (Dreary, 2013). More often than not, dyslexia is hereditary, but there are ways in which can help individuals can cope and succeed with such a disability (Kytja & Voeller, 2004). Some cases of dyslexia cannot be noticed as easily as others as there are many different severities (Kytja
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