Why Same Sex Marriage Is Morally Right And Should Be Legally Recognized

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What is marriage about? Who is marriage for? What are some of the complications with marriages in today’s society? How does religion plays a major part in marriage? According to Toby L. Ditz, “Marriage laws have historically withheld and continue to withhold the right to marry and the legal privileges associated with marriage from whole classes of people: slaves, interracial couples, and gay partners (Ditz, 2001,500)”. The way marriage is viewed in this newer generation differs significantly from the past. People’s observations and opinions on matrimony and its true meaning have changed extensively. Marriage is not less valued currently, but it 's definitely being viewed differently, for homosexuals especially. Within this research, we are going to examine why same sex marriage is morally right and should be legally recognized.
Traditionally, according to Barnes he mentioned that the greatest amount of people in the United States believe that a traditional marriage entails, “Brides wearing their long elegant white dresses, flowers, music, attendants in matching clothes, and a ceremony with a ring exchange, which is followed by a reception with a tiered cake” (Barnes, 2014,62). Furthermore, matrimony has also been looked upon as a main purpose for building a foundation and stabilizing a home and a family. Back in the biblical days, most of the women had to depend on their husbands to provide and support them. Their main role at that time was to take care of the children,
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