Why Samsung Enters Chinese Market And The Environment Of Samsung And China

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Company and Host Country Strategic Environment Analysis To analyse why Samsung enters Chinese market and the environment of Samsung and China, there will be internal and external tools which are SWOT analysis of Samsung and PEST analysis of China to be discussed. In addition, the definition and importance of SWOT and PEST analysis will be introduced. 1. SWOT and PEST Analysis SWOT analysis, which refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is a kind of method of scientific and strategic research to analyse the present condition that an organisation is facing from internal and external (Goodrich, 2015). Therefore, SWOT analysis is to combine and summarize all aspects of an organisation which are internal and external conditions, and then analysing the advantages and disadvantages of the organisation and the opportunities and threats which the organisation is facing. Through the analysis from the four aspects, managers can be better to manage the organisation and find an effective method to achieve the goals. PEST analysis, which stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological, is a macro-environment analysis mode which an organisation is facing. These are the external environment of enterprises, besides, they generally do not be controlled by the organisation (Abhishek, 2013). Develop a PEST analysis can help managers know the ground realities in a country and analyse these factors to know the challenges and opportunities the organisation may face in

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