Why Santa Claus Is Good For Developing Children 's Creativity

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“Are you believing in Santa Claus?” Have you asked this question to someone? Children would say “Yes,” but adults would say “No.” This is because children believe that Santa Claus gives them a lot of gifts on Christmas day, but adults know the gifts are given by their parents. Christmas is the most popular holiday all over the world, and most families get together and spend time on dinner in the United States. Children enjoy everything such as Santa Claus and reindeer as reality, but adults just have fun with an atmosphere of the event through Christmas songs and illuminations. What makes the difference between them? The answer is believing in Santa Claus or not. However, even though adults know the man is not real, all people should believe in Santa Claus. Believing in Santa Claus gives everyone benefits such as developing children’s creativity and more enjoyment of Christmas for adults. Belief in Santa Claus is good for developing children’s creativity. According to Mertens, the author says that “As children’s brains develop, so do their reasoning skills and imaginations.” Children think of Santa Claus’s figure, how he comes to their house, and when he leaves gifts. They also think about that logically. For example, if there is no chimney, a child could imagine that Santa Claus enters his or her house from a window. These processes can help children have visions of what they think. “Children exhibit a form of magical thinking by about 18 months, when they begin to create

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