Why School Is Bad Kids

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“I don’t want to go to ABS!” At Southeast Alternative School, students from grades kindergarten to high school attend this school from their home schools, or in other words, their home school creates an alternative placement for students to attend for emotional regulation. When I found out about Southeast Alternative School, I did not know how to think of the school as bad or a benefit for students. Often times, people do associate alternative schools, as the following: bad kids, evil, jail, prison, etc. I was assigned to work in middle school classroom with students, who are below grade level. As much I was worried and anxious to go to this school for my high incidence practicum, I am more than thrilled about my experience. The phrase,…show more content…
While I was a Southeast, I completed four projects: volunteer aide, observe IEP meeting, observe parent teacher conferences, and collaborate with my cooperating on a math unit. The first project I completed was Project A, which I only observed one IEP meeting that was both an annual and a domain meeting. I attended this meeting on February 22, 2017 for about two hours. IEP team members included: student’s mother, father, grandmother, Mrs. Phipps, school nurse, school psych intern, social worker, and myself. Each person in the meeting signed on form stating who was in attendance during the meeting. From my own previous experience, I have attended a few of my IEP meetings, and I did relate my experience attending my own IEP meeting to attending Student E’s IEP meeting. All the members in the IEP team, especially Mrs. Phipps demonstrated IPTS 9, “The competent teacher is an ethical and reflective practitioner who exhibits professionalism; provides leadership in the learning community; and advocates for students, parents or guardians, and the profession” (IPTS 9). Before I went to the IEP meeting, I could not help but think about my past experiences of my IEP meetings, and I wondered how I can learn to separate my experience to Student E’s IEP, but being in a different perspective, I learned there is more value in communicating and working with others. Every member in the IEP team asserted and expressed their opinions and concerns about the student; thus, they will move
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