Why School Is Boringing

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The majority of students say that school is boring because of what they are learning or because they just don't understand the subject. As a result, they fail to understand that school is a priority for them to be successful in life. This is true for me because I also think That school is boring and the result is that the grades that I receive are not perfect as I know they can be. There are three Reasons that students think that school is boring and they are; under-challenge, under-motivated, and under-connected. These are some of the reasons that students are bored in school every single day.

One reason why students think that school is boring is that the teachers are not challenging them with the work that is given and in some cases, the student tends to drift away from the lecture or assignment that is given because it tends to be easy. Some of the students that tend to be bored they are usually far from the other students just because they started early and they think that what they are doing is easy and they don't have to learn the subject twice.
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Also, they are not going to pay any attention to the class. In other words, teachers need to update their way of teaching and getting students to be motivated because they are always going to have the same problem all the time. As it said in the article about why students are bored in school is"An under-motivated child is not the same as a lazy child."(Amanda Morin). under-motivated students tend to not do work not because they are lazy, but because they are not motivated in
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