Why School Is Failing

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Schools today have changed dramatically. At one point in time education was a thing and you had to have a high school diploma to receive a job or go onto college. You would always hear the good things about the school system and it was wherever you go. However, that was a thing of a past. Now you hear on the news or in the community that schools are failing, have a lack of attendance, and children are not up to where they should be. Why? Why is this all going on, when you have parents or family members that should be a part of the children lives? Is it the parents or family members? Is the students themselves? Or is the teachers? These questions have a lot to do with why the school is failing. Education is highly important, without it then children, youth, and adults would not have the resources they need to survive in this world.
When it comes to education, it does not have to do with their social class or how they lived. Public schools are free, but not the private schools. In my opinion, all schools should be free whether it is private or not. Many people cannot afford private schools, but it is probably the ones that are closest to their homes or workplace. Do many people think based on where they come from they cannot get a proper education? There are some people who does think that, but that is entirely false. It does not matter where you come from, or how you live, anyone can get an education. The people who are involved in the children lives with their education and…
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