Why School Is The School

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In order to truly understand a district or schools budget, one must first understand the schools mission and vision. Why does the school exist? What type of education and values should the student leave the school with? Understanding questions like these will help a principal or superintendent understand a schools operating budget. For the purpose of this paper, it is assumed that a superintendent or principal has been assigned to a district and will analyze the operating budget for the school year. Two people in a private school were interviewed for this assignment. The principal of the Middle School, and the schools Finance Director were interviewed. The school where these two individuals were interviewed is from a private school, which has three separate campuses, one of which holds three different schools within it. In some ways it is like a small school district, with a board of directors and a head of schools. The board of directors and the head of schools have the final say on how the budget will be used. Interviews The interviews were very interesting and both the principal and superintendent gave answers which helped shed light on the way a budget is put together and used, especially in a private school. The components of the budget are divided into… The revenue for a private school comes from the cost of tuition, an annual fund, and fundraisers. When asked if the budget was used to help deploy financial and human resources in a way that promotes equity in student
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