Why School Should Be A School

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There are many arguments as to why children should stay in school. I think education is important to any child’s life. Education is what builds a person up and help them make something of their self , and from a nobody to a somebody. Education is the key to any door you are trying to open. I wouldn’t consider anybody to drop out of school. I know school can be hard at times, but its only hard because the teachers are trying to make you stronger. Education to me is basically what you need to better yourself in life. Think about this, how many people know a person that has an education has a good career ? There are a lot of people with an education that has a career. Now do you think there are the same amount of people without an education with a career. Nine times out of ten a business is going for the person with a high school diploma. For example there are 3 people in line to get this job at Barnes and Noble. Two of these people graduated high school and has a good resume. The other person dropped out in the 12th grade and doesn’t have a resume to give. There are two positions open, now who do you think is going to get the job. The two people with a high school diploma and a good resume is going to get the job. Now a days you just can fill out an application and expect to get the job. Even places like McDonald’s are looking for high school graduates and college graduates. Like an Automotive service technician, they inspect, repair and maintain automobiles. They require a
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