Why School Should Be A School

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Introduction Throughout this course I learned many things about what it takes to be a school leader. In order to be a school leader one must possess certain qualities and understand how a school functions and the people that help run the school. Whether these people are staff members or a member of the community, they all help in making the school what it is. From, supporting the schools academic programs, all the way to cheering for the schools varsity football team. The school is part of the community and the principal is an integral part of the whole structure. This led me to a very important realization. To run a school effectively and have the respect of the community, the principal must have integrity, treat people fairly, and most importantly they should have strong ethics.
All schools must have a vision and a mission statement. Words that can be seen in a schools office or hallways that tell people what this school is all about. How the school views learning and how it plans to go about it. The mission should also let people know that the school is a safe environment and that the students will be safe in the school. I would make sure that all stakeholders in the community and the parents that come into the school saw the vision that I have for the school. My vision for a wonderful school is to create a school for the 21st century. I would take the all or none approach to this. By this I mean that I would have the latest technology and be completely green.
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