Why School Should Start Later

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It’s exhausting for students to wake up so early in the morning. In almost every first class of the day, many students are half asleep. There are so many reasons for why this is which doesn’t include the laziness of students, and there is no reason for school not to have a later start. So, schools should start later in the day.
Reason 1:

Many students are not getting enough sleep. In especially middle schools and high school, teenagers are sleep deprived. At the age when they need it the most, teens are not getting enough hours of rest because of how early their school starts. It is very unreasonable that school for teenagers starts early when they need a great amount of sleep. Research shows that “33% of teenagers report falling asleep in school” (Wake up Call, 2014). If students are falling asleep in school, they are not getting the full amount of education and knowledge taught to them. They do not have the energy and positivity to accomplish their best during the school day.
In my opinion, schools do not give students enough time to do their homework, go to after school clubs or activities, and play a sport. High Schoolers barely have any time to just hang out with each other during the week, go to their school activities, and get all of their homework done. Because their school activities and homework takes up a lot of time, it makes students stay up past the time that they should be going to bed. So even when students try to go to bed early, they are kept

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