Why School Students Should Start School Start To Late?

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The U.S. has a big problem on its hands. School districts all around the country are forcing Highschool students to start school too early. This issue is important because teenagers now a days tend to sleep later while waking up earlier; which ruins the idea of a sleeping schedule. It has been proven that when a student has a later school starting time, his/her concentration is improved especially because the students do not wake up as tired. There are two ways that this could work out, schools could have early start times like they are being used right now or school districts could push them to later times. The correct way for this to go down is us the people need to convince school districts to move start times to later ones. Going to bed early and getting up early in the morning do not go well together. According to scientists from the University of Oxford, Harvard University, and the University of Nevada, “Early to bed, and early to rise” only makes an individual miserable. These scientists have spent hours of their time to prove that going to bed early and waking up early doesn’t benefit a high school student. Doing things like this cause damage to a student’s body and can lead to problems later in their lives. Starting school later means a lot more than just getting some extra sleep every night. Many individuals are discouraged by this idea because they fear having their whole schedule changed around. If we were to change school start times, we could face some minor
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