Why School Uniforms And Low Income Areas

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Why are required school uniforms always discussed in low income areas vs. medium or high income areas? The fact that required uniforms are well established in low income areas.The question is why are required uniforms so popular in low income areas?Will require school uniforms in low income areas in Chicago drive students to become more successful? It seems that there are no reasons for middle/higher income areas to implement these required policies since there are a lower percent of “at risk” student bodies in the surrounding suburbs than the city.For example the main reason why middle to higher income areas are not implementing required school uniforms and policies in their district?due to the fact that these middle to higher income…show more content…
By the 1980’s,problems with gang violence led to dress codes that attempted to do away with gang colors.Dress codes have routinely been used to prohibit clothes with threatening language,insulting racial slurs,alcohol or drug related messages.Uniform policies began to spread in the late 1980’s and then steadily increased throughout the 1990’s. Though parochial and private schools have a long history of mandating school uniforms”.School uniforms are always discussed in Chicago 's public schools.Why? Due to the fact that school officials feel as if these set of rules will help improve their schools. Something about CPS makes people cringe when brought up to a suburban family or school official.The majority of Chicago 's public school require uniforms yet little to no learning is going on in these classrooms due to their surroundings. A 2013 study reported in the NCBI Social education by Burdick-will, concluded that “For many student attending public high schools,violent events either at school or in their neighborhoods are frequent and routine.This is clearly not the case in all parts of the country and means that the experience of students in chicago may not be representative of students nationwide.It is unclear whether the effects of school

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